Safe Hands Transfers

Safe Hands Transfers - The Beginning

Purchasing Channel Islands Resort Timeshare was an exciting time of our lives. Finally, we could take our six kids to spend a wonderful vacation time at a great resort annually. In reality, we had invested our time and money into something that was worth a fraction of the price we paid for. Out of the 15 years of our ownership we only made it to the vacation spot ONCE! Furthermore, the unit we were guaranteed yearly was ALWAY BOOKED. What's more, the maintenance fees were skyrocketing over the years. As a working-class family, we could not afford the added cost. Over time, the 'sound investment' turned into a nuisance that we simply could not get rid of. Visit Safe Hands Transfers to view our full story….

We opened Safe Hands Transfers because we know exactly what other timeshare owners go through – high cost maintenance fees, unnecessary assessment costs, high interest mortgages, etc. We want to assist these timeshare owners who are experiencing the similar frustrations by taking over their current timeshare liabilities immediately. Our goal is to free the customers of any future maintenance fees, taxes, and special assessments; and eliminating them from the financial ties and obligations within minutes.

Our family understands that there are various reasons for wanting out of your timeshare contracts. We ensure that each and every customer receives the special attention and care that they deserve, all the while making their sale transitions smooth and painless. We aspire to provide our customers with a personal experience that will give them peace of mind in knowing that their timeshare problems are gone forever.

With over 20 years of experience in the timeshare industry, our staff is dedicated to providing excellent customer service by exactly understanding what our customers need. We are an experienced, family-owned company dedicated to providing viable solutions to timeshare owners all over the world who need out of their timeshare contracts. With our personal experiences in the timeshare industry combined with professional experts of our business, Safe Hands Transfers can provide customers with financial freedom they desire.

What We Offer:

Our family offers the instant solution, offering immediate liberations from the liabilities that you carry on your timeshare ownerships. You are not alone. There are thousands of timeshare owners that go through same hassles of owning a timeshare. Whether you purchased your timeshare or inherited from your loved ones, we can eliminate the overbearing fees from contractual obligations with ease.

Safe Hands Transfers is here to help you!

Timeshares - The Facts

The timeshare sellers have you believe that you have just made a sound investment by purchasing a timeshare from them. In reality, they almost always mark up the price of your timeshare price to quadruple the actual value. Then they will offer it to you for a predetermined quote having you believe that you are walking away with the timeshare you purchased for a 75% discount.

The timeshare sellers will often use these positive and call-to-action keywords to entice you:
'Act Now'

They neglect to inform you about the ever-increasing maintenance fees, annual taxes, and special assessments. When you try to resell your timeshare, you realize that your timeshare is practically worthless. Furthermore, it is next to impossible to resell them on the market. The success rate of timeshare sale through a listing company is a less than dismal 1%! Adding insult to injury, even the charities no longer even accept your timeshares due to the financial liabilities that comes with them.

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